Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On System Update

As more devices are getting Android 2.2 recently, I have been receiving feedback like "the power strip is no longer responding to the home key". So, here is a solution (it worked for many users)

1. Press home key and let the default home start
2. Long press search key to launch the Power Strip (or use the launcher in you application drawer to start it)
3. Invoke the context menu (click the context button, or long press somewhere outside the strip, or choose "context" in the menu)
4. Select "Application info"
5. Click the "clear default" button on the application info page of your default home app
6. Press the home key again, and you should have the chooser available


  1. Would be great if power strip could be bought and downloaded off the market for us in countries that are not supported by google for priced apps ;)

  2. Just a couple of suggestions:
    -Be able to include button-type widgets (e.g., things created by Launcher) in the drawers
    -Be able to individually resize the widget drawers (e.g., to help with the calendar or contact quick-task widgets)

  3. Hey. Love the app but can't set it to long push search to start. I'm on a Droid X and can't find any info on how to change that. Don't want to make home button the launch. Help?!

  4. Hey. Another comment--there's no way to contact you anywhere that I can find. I need to uninstall Power Strip to do some troubleshooting--my Launcher Pro calendar stopped working--and I want to make sure that I can reinstall for free. Can I? Also, any thoughts on my above comment?

  5. is it possible to have just the Strip without the Widget / Panel?

  6. Hi I've buyed the intuit timer and after some days I update my phone, the thing is that it doesnt appear anymore in my downloads list. So i have to buy again. How can I download it again without been charged ? thanks Diego

  7. This is a good App!!

    "Open/Close app drawer"
    "Hide icon labels"

    Select check button Please!!

    Thank you

  8. Wonderful app, but mysteriously lacks Messaging and Email on the power strip. It is baffling why 2 of the most predominately used features on any phone would be absent. Hope this is addressed in later versions. (using v0.8.0.9 on HTC Inspire 2.2 android OS)

    Also, favorites Icon fails to launch, only returning a message that reads: "This application is not installed on this device".

  9. This is a great home replacement ... Wish you'd come back and work on it!